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Superbike Brake Inserts

Superbike Brake Inserts

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Race Piston Shim

The JPB patented shim insert is a new innovative product that is like nothing else on the market.

With so many tight race regulations in many series that dont allow changes to the braking system, with heat problems very common in extreme racing conditions, JPB set out to find a solution.

This is in the form of an insert that fits inside the OEM piston leaving just a 1mm shim on top of the piston face, protecting the piston from the extreme temperatures of the pad.

With the JPB patented design this is no normal shim, it is castellated and has the internal radial cooling fins to minimise any heat transfer into the OEM braking system.

This has resulted in the same results as the full piston but retains the stock legal system and is now British Super bikes legal.


  • Eliminated brake fade
  • Eliminated brake drag
  • Reduced temperatures
  • Reduced pad wear ( up to 90%)
  • Increased confidence
  • Improved lap times
  • Castellated shim for ventilation to protect the OEM piston
  • Internal radial cooling fins to increase the surface area and to maximise heat transfer away from the piston to keep that brake fluid cool.
  • Fits directly inside the OEM piston
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