Training Course

Are you building a new project car or aiming to enhance the performance of your existing vehicle? If you're serious about dominating the track, your car's braking system should be your top priority. The truth is, factory brakes, while not inherently bad, are often the first to show limitations on the track due to their compromises in design.

Good brakes are not just about raw power; they're about consistency, modulation, and balance.

Off-the-shelf big brake kits might seem tempting, but they often take a one-size-fits-all approach, potentially compromising your vehicle's balance and control.

That's where our Motorsport Braking Systems course comes in. We're here to teach you how to achieve the perfect balance of power, control, and consistency in your brakes, whether you're modifying an existing system or designing one from scratch.

When you get it right, you'll be shaving seconds off your lap times, maintaining consistency lap after lap, and greatly increasing your chances of standing on the podium. Plus, you'll spend less time in the pits, getting the best value from your track days.

🔍 This comprehensive course covers it all:

📚 Core principles of automotive brake systems
🔄 Understanding friction, tire forces, and brake bias
🧩 In-depth examination of braking system components
📊 Measuring and interpreting braking performance
🛠️ Practical skills like brake bleeding, tuning temperatures, setting bias, and troubleshooting common issues
🏎️ This course is relevant to all forms of motorsport and beneficial for any type of vehicle, from streetcars to grassroots racers and even professional-level race cars.

📜 Upon completion, you'll receive a certificate of achievement, and once you purchase the course, it's yours for life—revisit it as often as you like.

💪 Buy with the confidence of a 60-day money back guarantee, no-questions-asked.