JP Brakes is a new and innovative company on a mission to supply the race scene with braking products that out perform anything else out there.


Based in the East Midlands UK JP Brakes was created by Jason Pitchford, an engineer with over 25 years experience in industries such as aerospace and F1, an innovator of theories and inventions.

Jason is an avid lover of anything with wheels and an engine, He repeatedly read posts online amongst the track day community about poor braking even with exotic and expensive brake set ups This led him to investigate and ultimately solve the problem.

With the patented development and success of the JPB-V3 pistons out on the track, Jason didn’t stop there, he then developed a product that did exactly the same as the full titanium pistons... but was race legal in the BSB series.

With the bike industry well and truly covered, the next obvious move was to apply this amazing design to the kart and car industry and provide the JPB-V3 pistons to a market that has nothing else like it.

JP Brakes has always been on the same path, and that’s to continue with moving forward and developing new products. The next 2 exciting products are just about to begin the development stage – A high performance caliper and brake disc range like nothing else out there.

JP Brakes will have a range of braking products that will forge the way and dominate the way to the podium.