The JPB-V3 pistons have been nothing but successful since we launched them almost 2 years ago, with the superbike industry well and truly flying it was always obvious that we’d move the technology over to the track day and race car scene.

And without a doubt it hasn’t failed to impress me with the results we have achieved!

Here’s our sponsored race driver Ross Irvine in his MK1 Golf Turbo and his recent report after using the JPB-V3 titanium car pistons.

We’ve been using JP Brakes JPB-V3 brake pistons for a couple months now – and what a difference!

The cars brake spec is:

300mm vented discs, with piped cooling to the back of the disc bell

Megane 225 Brembo 4 pot calibers

Carbone Lorraine RC8 pads

Twin master cylinder pedal box with balance bar

Motul RBF660 fluid

First impressions came from actually fitting the pistons, they are nitron MC coated, giving a super slippy low friction surface. The way the pistons slid into the callipers, it was almost as if they were too small!

A quick road test confirmed everything was working as it should be, pedal feeling great – nice and solid.

Off to Thruxton for its first real test – straight in at the deep end – qualifying for CSCC Open series and Slicks series. A 20 and 30 minute session, and owing to the weather, and a drying track getting faster and faster, it was important to stay out circulating.

All the way through these sessions the pedal feel was great, a good solid pedal, never faded or went any longer (normally around 25-30mins into a race the pedal starts to feel a bit soft and inconsistent). Bouncing over the kerbs in the final corners would normally give me a bit of pad knock off – but absolutely none now.Into the races – a 30min race and a 40min race, it was the same story – so solid and predictable, zero fade, pedal staying right at the top, no knock off – really impressed!

Back at the awning after the races something in more impressive – normally a set of pads will last 2 race weekends if Im lucky before they are finished. Checking the pads after 120 minutes of absolute flat out driving – they have barely worn at all!

Next up came a track day around Blyton – notoriously hard on tyres and brakes – no long straights to allow any meaningful cooling.

All day long the car hammered round, and not a hint of brake fade. I had a rock hard consistent pedal every time, over 100 laps completed.

From there the car was due to be racing at Brands Hatch, so a brand new set of pads were ordered up, coming in at 11mm thick, it was going to be interesting how fast the wear rate is with a thicker pad to start with.

The car completed 78 flat out laps of the Indy circuit, in red hot conditions, and the brakes were flawless. The kerb at the bottom of paddock hill bend usually gives some pad knock off, but not a hint. Yet again a rock solid brake pedal all weekend and zero fade. The most amazing part however was back at base the day after – the brand new pads that started life at 11mm thick, had not only kept the same feel of brand new pads, they had only worn 0.3mm! Absolutely gob smacked. This alone makes the JPB pistons worth having – the amount of money that will be saved in not having to buy new sets of pads so often!

All in all, the JPB-V3 pistons are an amazing bit of kit – helping us stop harder, lap faster, race longer and keep costs down.